New Seiler IQ Scope

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New Seiler IQ Scope

Postby victoriareina on Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:43 am

Seiler recently introduced a new Seiler IQ microscope. This is the most cost effective scope available to dentists and unlike others, it comes with most features standard. For example, see the standard specs below:

*0-180° inclined binocular head
*Counterbalanced pantographic arm
*Dual light source- 50W Metal Halide with backup 12V 100W Halogen
*10x Wide Field Eyepieces with Dioptic Locks (12.5x and 16x available)
*Choose from 5 mounting options, Floor, Ceiling, High Wall, Wall, and Table
*Infinity corrected/coaxial illumination
*Easily maneurerable optical head with tension control knobs and handles
*Standard Objective lens 250mm
*3 step magnification turret
*Live video and digital camera options are available
*Lifetime warranty

The best thing about this microscope is the feedback we are getting from course participants at Essential Dental Seminars where we are proud to have the Seiler IQ for our attendees use. The feedback has been nothing but positive and said to "truly enhance the hands-on experience".
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